A Welcome Return to Meeting Face-to-Face: HealthMe on the Road Again!

The past 18-months has been quite a stain on Orthopedic practices with patients putting off both routine exams and elective procedures.  Despite the rapid and widespread adoption of digital meeting and telehealth solutions, nothing substitutes for hands-on care—and we are beginning to see a return.

We are also venturing out on the road with recent speaking engagements at the AAOS in San Diego as well as the Florida Bone Society.  Although the crowds were a bit thinner, we have a heartfelt appreciation for renewing relationships and seeing our friends, colleagues, and patients in person.

HLTH 2021 

Our travels continue as we venture to one of the newest and fasted growing healthcare technology events called HLTH in Boston on October 17-20 (www.hlth.com).  This event will feature over 500 of the most innovative companies featuring digital technologies ranging from AI-powered diagnostics to the latest patient and practice-centric solutions—like ours.  We will be featured in the StartUp Health pavilion in Kiosk 1139.

AAOE 2021

Next, we will be back in the heart of Texas at the AAOE Annual Conference at the Sheraton Dallas from October 29 through November 1 (www.aaoe.net).  This will be chance to connect with our network of practice leaders, physicians and surgeons, and key leaders of the American Orthopedic community.  Please drop by Booth #518 just to say “hi” or to also get a preview of same of the major advances to our HealthMe self-pay platform (see article below for more details).

For a face-to-face session at either HLTH or AAOE, please contact us at support@healthmedocs.com to arrange a dedicated time to meet.




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