HealthMe Launches Automated Good Faith Estimate (GFE) Solution

Highlighting Price Transparency, Leading Orthopedic Practices and Medical Groups Adopt HealthMe’s GFE Engine™ to Grow Practice Revenue and Increase Compliance with the No Surprises Act

Naples, Florida – March 7, 2022 – HealthMe (, a leader in direct payment solutions that enable medical groups and practices to provide transparent prices and a shoppable online marketplace, announced today at ViVE 2022 the launch and general availability of the HealthMe GFE Engine™. To date, 18 major orthopedic practices have adopted the HealthMe GFE Engine to stay compliant with the No Surprises Act and Good Faith Estimate (GFE) requirements. 

As part of legislation that bans most unexpected medical charges, a GFE must be provided to “Uninsured” and “Self-Pay” patients and is required any time a patient or potential patient makes a request for an estimate for the cost of care.  The information must be clear and understandable, while also containing appropriate billing codes.  Failure to provide a GFE can result in harsh financial penalties of up to $10,000 per incident.

CMS estimates that a single GFE will take a practice 1.3 hours to complete by hand. Since adoption of the HealthMe GFE Engine, multiple practices have indicated significant time savings with a typical GFE taking under 1 minute to generate, approve, and deliver to a patient.

As the first Orthopedic practice in the state of Alabama to provide transparent pricing for patients, the Orthopedic Center-Orthopedics, Spine and Sport Medicine has demonstrated measurable improvement in patient experience, operations efficiency, and staff engagement.

“HealthMe has made the process of Self-pay and pricing transparency extremely easy for our patients and our staff, a simple click from our landing page on the TOC Website to see everything we offer through HealthMe, including Good Faith Estimates. HealthMe is very easy, very concise, and efficient,” commented Julie Zuidema, revenue director for the Orthopedic Center.  “HealthMe has reduced our wait times, and our registration department spends less time with patients trying to explain the services provided and cost of care.”

“By providing our clients the most consumer-friendly technologies while also helping them address urgent compliance requirements, HealthMe streamlines the entire payment process and eliminates the headaches of confusing paperwork for both patients and staff,” said Michael Havig, MD, founder and CEO of HealthMe.  “Healthcare practices are being tested like never before, but innovation and regulations do not have to be in conflict.  There is an opportunity to help improve the patient journey of care while also streamlining the future of payment redesign.”

About HealthMe™

HealthMe™ ( is an online platform that gives medical practices a simple and proven price transparency solution to serve the growing population of Direct-Pay patients. Founded and developed by doctors, HealthMe’s revenue accelerator platform combines the best features of a consumer-friendly online marketplace with the security of a specialized healthcare payment processing solution.   Focused on improving revenue growth, price transparency, and patient satisfaction, direct-pay patients pay in advance for services purchased through HealthMe eliminating insurance company hassles. HealthMe helps patients find the best healthcare options while saving money on their care. It provides practices with a complete, tested solution focused on “retailing” services for improved growth and patient loyalty.



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