HealthMe Wins Florida Venture Award
Logos of Florida Venture and HealthMe

HealthMe was awarded the 2nd Runner Up prize for the 2020 Florida Early Stage Capital Conference in October 2020. The Early Stage Capital Conference is put on by Space Florida and the Florida Venture Forum each year to support the startup ecosystem in the state. In 2020, over 100 startups across the state of Florida competed in the competition, which involved pitching a virtual room of investors and venture capitalists. As 2nd Runner Up, HealthMe was awarded $20,000.

Also on the podium were two other Florida-based startups:

The award served as powerful validation for our growing company that we are addressing important problems and gaps in today’s healthcare system. Our patient-centric approach and technology-enabled software platform allows medical practices to offer transparently-priced bundles for direct-pay patients.  Direct-pay patients are an often overlooked portion of the healthcare market and yet at least 10% of all healthcare spend in the U.S. is direct-pay each year. Winning this award supports our case that the direct-pay market is in fact already significantly larger than investors may believe, and is continuing to grow.

Read more about the award and see the press release here.

About the Early Stage Capital Conference

The Early Stage Capital Conference is organized by the Florida Venture Forum and Space Florida. The Florida Venture Forum is the state’s largest organization for investors and entrepreneurs, helping emerging Florida companies connect with sources of capital from across the country. Space Florida was created to strengthen Florida’s position as the global leader in aerospace research, investment, exploration and commerce.



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