No Surprises Act Compliance Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
Dr. Michael Havig on Price Tranparency

The regulatory environment in healthcare is constantly changing, often creating additional burden for overstressed administrative and clinical teams.  Some mandates seem to only create more paperwork while others beneficially support the privacy and safety of patients.  New bi-partisan legislation called the “No Surprises Act” (NSA) passed in 2021 helps protect patients (and their life savings) from surprise billings, creates mandates for hospitals and practices to post transparent pricing, and calls for the provision of Good Faith Estimates (GFE’s) when requested by certain patients.

Compliance with the NSA can create undue burdens on staff—or it can present a real opportunity to create and implement a patient-centric billing strategy that meet the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer while streamlining administrative and financial workflows for the practice.

Price transparency and consumerization have become key topics in the national healthcare conversation.  To learn more about these vital issues, we invite you to tune in to a “Healthcare Leadership” podcast presented by ReferralMD, a trusted information resource focused on increasing practice revenue and efficiency.

You will hear from Dr. Michael Havig, a practicing orthopedic surgeon and CEO of HealthMe as he and host Jennifer Thompson engage in a lively and informative conversation to discuss transparent pricing and strategies to reduce the GFE creation process from 90-minutes to 90-seconds.

Click here to access the Healthcare Leadership Podcast, and discover:

  • How price transparency improves patient care, empowers staff, and streamlines workflow
  • Which steps you can take to incorporate price transparency into your practice
  • What you need to know about Good Faith Estimates
  • What type of groups comprise profitable direct-pay patients
  • How your practice can acquire more direct-pay patients

If your practice is ready to adopt a Good Faith Estimate tool that actually grows revenues, get in touch with our team today and request a demo




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