What’s Next: Transparent Pricing and Good Faith Estimate Requirements
No Surprises Act Good Faith Estimates

Looking back on our history, Dr. Havig’s vision for starting HealthMe grew from the frustration of his friends and neighbors—hard working people with small businesses or those who might not be fully insured—who seek to pay for their care directly.  He knew that they are entitled to the same great care as everyone else, but also needed a marketplace where they could pay for care directly and securely, and in ways that are expected by today’s consumer. When we launched HealthMe a few short years ago, our motivation was that “there has to be a better way.”

To make this “healthcare marketplace” possible, prices for procedures need to be posted transparently and clearly on the practice web site—which is at the core of HealthMe.  Those who have joined us on this “price transparency” journey are now setting a positive national precedent—by being among the first to truly embrace the Federal mandates of price transparency.  More importantly, they are making a statement that promotes access to care for everyone—not just those with insurance—at a fair price for everyone involved.

No Surprises Act & Good Faith Estimates for Self-Pay Patients

Now, the next stage of price transparency requirements has burst on the scene.  Congress has passed the No Surprises Act of 2021 which requires providers to create a Good Faith Estimate (GFE).  In short, a GFE must be provided to “Uninsured” and “Self-Pay” patients and is required any time a patient/potential patient makes a request for GFE.  The information must be clear and understandable, while also containing appropriate billing codes.  Failure to provide a GFE can result in harsh financial penalties of up to $10,000 per incident.

Because of our deep experience and technology platform required to bring transparent pricing to patients, we have just launched the HealthMe GFE Engine™.  It is seamlessly integrated with the HealthMe direct pay platform and is ready for your use today.  It’s fully tested with no additional software to install, no new equipment, and most importantly, has been legally reviewed and determined to meet current requirements.

HealthMe’s Good Faith Estimate Engine Features

Our push-button solution requires no integration and seamlessly allows your practice to provide compliant Good Faith Estimates to uninsured and self-pay patients as required by the No Surprises Act. Some features include:

  • Automatic generation of GFEs directly from your HealthMe page, on-demand
  • Secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant delivery of GFEs to patients via e-mail
  • Ability to track patient GFE requests and status within HealthMe dashboard
  • Storage of GFEs so your staff can upload and attach to patient records

Is your practice ready to be compliant with GFEs?

We invite you to join us on the next phase of this journey—putting patients at the center of care while setting the innovation standard in care and payment redesign.  We’ve done the work in building this solution and are here to make it fast and easy for you. Just get in touch and we will walk you through the quick process of creating a GFE for your patients.




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