HealthMe for Self-Insured Employers


Over 60% of U.S. companies are self-insured. HealthMe helps employers discover and save on care.  

Tired of ever-increasing insurance bills?

HealthMe gives self-insured employers access to secure, transparent healthcare pricing.

Whether you’re a sole proprietor, a self-insured employer/municipality, or a third party administrator or broker, there’s a good chance your healthcare payment processes do not meet your current business needs. HealthMe has solutions that can eliminate wasted time of filing and processing claims. Customized just for you, HealthMe private label solutions give your employees a convenient place to shop and compare services and give you a place to manage approved service providers.

How it Works for Employers

Keep care local

No more wasted travel reimbursements or time away from work. HealthMe’s transparent pricing reduces the need to shop services across state lines for your employees. The best care is local.

Empower your employees

Employees in need of care can shop for providers for your employees and compare procedure prices easily – just like in other industries. Meet the needs and expectations of your employees and empower them with a menu of transparently priced packages from practices near you.

Save money

Whether you’re paying on behalf of your employees or if they have high deductibles, you’ll both save significant out-of-pocket expenses by prepaying for services through HealthMe.

All through a custom-branded portal

Third Party Administrators, municipalities, and large employers use Healthme to offer their employees or networks a private label custom portal. These custom portals serve as their local direct-pay ecosystems, and give TPAs and HR professionals a simple management tool.


HealthMe for Employers

Is HealthMe a healthcare alternative for small businesses?

Many small business owners or self-employed individuals use HealthMe as a healthcare payment alternative. These businesses may have Health Savings Accounts or High Deductible Health Plans and will use HealthMe to purchase care that may not reach their deductible limits.

Does HealthMe cost anything for employers to use?

HealthMe is completely free for employers to use. When purchasing a package, the only added cost is a small (typically 8%) technology fee in the listed package price. This fee also includes credit card processing, and there are no other fees associated with using HealthMe. 

Does HealthMe make shopping for healthcare easy for my employees?

Yes, consumer expectations have shifted significantly. That’s why we built HealthMe – to make shopping for healthcare as easy as shopping for anything else online.

Can HealthMe help municipalities or other government employers?

Yes, we’ve worked with municipalities to create custom solutions for discovering medical providers who offer cost-saving solutions for direct-pay patients.

How do HealthMe prices compare to insurance prices?

Because physicians, clinics, and healthcare practices list cash prices with HealthMe, the prices on our platform are often much lower than insurance prices. HealthMe removes bureaucratic burdens for employers to process and collect payment, so providers are better positioned to offer discounted rates for their care.

Can HealthMe build a custom portal for my employees?

Yes, our design and development team has deep experience in creating user friendly, secure portals for large employers, government entities, or TPAs. 

How are employers using HealthMe now?

Employers spend countless hours to search and compare healthcare costs for treatments for their employees. Often these employers will send employees across state lines and even overseas to find affordable solutions. HealthMe offers a convenient solution for employers to find high-quality, affordable healthcare in their local region.

Does HealthMe work with TPAs?

Yes, if you administer for self-insured employers, HealthMe will help you find local, affordable care. HealthMe is an excellent tool for TPAs looking to build efficiencies to care discovery for their clients.

Ready to save time and money on healthcare for your employees?