Quality, convenience, and transparent pricing is the hallmark of patient-centric, high-quality practices.


75% of patients look for price transparency before choosing care – and HealthMe helps you exceed expectations of today’s healthcare consumer.

Founded and developed by doctors,

HealthMe is the only company with a proven market-based solution that helps create, price, and transact fairly priced healthcare bundles.

By creating a convenient digital experience for patients, we help your practice be at the forefront of changes in healthcare.  We enable physicians to deliver unmatched patient experiences by cutting through the red tape and saving valuable time. Prepayment of packages streamlines office workflow, decreases no-shows and enhances patient communications.

We make a meaningful difference – to your patients and staff.

Optimize your revenue cycle

Say goodbye to CPT and ICD-10 codes. Patients pay in advance with no paperwork or collection headaches.

Serve local market patients

60% of U.S. companies are self-insured and seek transparently priced care for their employees; and are often forced to send them away from home.

Improve patient experience

When patients know the cost of care, they can concentrate on getting better and not worry about surprise medical bills.

Medical practices — large and small — benefit from HealthMe

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Our Values

Profoundly improve the way doctor’s provide and patients purchase care.


Transparency, Always

We enable our clients to set the gold standard for what it means to have price transparency in healthcare.


Patient First

 Every decision our team makes – down to a simple button change – is made with the patient in mind.

Bold Actions

At our foundation, HealthMe is ushering in price transparency for healthcare. This is a bold proposition.

Relentless Service Excellence

From small practices to national groups and from the staff in your practice to the patients you see – our team is at your service.

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Founded and developed by Dr. Michael Havig

Dr. Michael Havig
Founder and CEO, HealthMe

In pratice for over 20 years, Dr. Havig is an orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist in Naples, Florida. Frustrated by years of operating without a direct-pay solution, Dr. Havig discovered that his practice was not meeting the needs of an important segment of patients – those who want to pay directly for their healthcare. He founded HealthMe in 2016 to improve the financial experience of and help fellow physicians to do what they do best – improve the health of those who have trusted them with their care. Dr. Havig has become an important voice in the healthcare industry as a thought leader and advocate for adopting transparent pricing.