Grow revenue and reduce paperwork with transparent pricing for doctors and patients.


HealthMe helps patients find the best healthcare options and save money on their care, and provides practices a proven solution focused on growth, convenience, and value.

The healthcare market is changing.
HealthMe’s revenue engagement platform helps you stay ahead of the change.
Designed by doctors to grow revenues, simplify pricing, and easily integrate with practice workflows.

+ $50K revenue/doctor

Practices using HealthMe generate  an average incremental annual revenue of $50,000 per physician by providing a simple and ethical payment option for direct-pay patients.

Patients pay in advance

Get paid faster for your services and reduce accounts receivable. Healthme energizes your staff by eliminating the headache of claims filing and paperwork.

Improved office efficiencies

Patients are better informed and engaged with their treatment which streamlines office interactions, reduces phone time, and virtually eliminates appointment no-shows.

Hear what our clients are saying

Embracing price transparency can be easy.

We’ve done the hard work for you.

Get Started

Request a review of the HealthMe experience with a healthcare expert to guide you and your staff through a speedy and simple integration.

Choose & Price Your Packages

Our proprietary bundles and pricing guidelines make creating your digital marketplace a breeze. From office visits to surgeries, our bundles cover the entire patient experience.

Launch Your Digital Marketplace

Direct-pay patients will discover and purchase “personalized patient payment” bundles on your practice’s website.


of Americans
are functionally uninsured due to the high costs of insurance


of physicians’ time
 is wasted on paperwork and bureaucracy.


of patients
would opt for a practice that offers pricing transparency

Your staff will love the simplicity of HealthMe…

Learn more about how HealthMe works

Medical practices — large and small — benefit from HealthMe

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End-to-end integration in less than 2 weeks
Step 1: Request a demo and a HealthMe representative will be in touch within 24 hours.
Step 2: Following your demo, we’ll guide you and your team through a simple implementation program.
Step 3: Launch your new, customized direct-pay marketplace on your website and start serving direct-pay patients. 

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