HealthMe gives self-insured employers and third party administrators access to a network of transparently priced MSK bundles offered by the largest and most sophisticated orthopedic practices in the country.

A direct-contracting solution that works for providers, patients, and employers. 

92% non-surgical cure rate = savings
Navigation shouldn’t start at surgery. All pathways begin with the initial evaluation performed by the physician who may have to perform surgery.
Serving employers of any size
Realize meaningful cost savings from local providers and fast track return to work.
Simple, actionable, navigation
Say goodbye to one-off processes of rolodexes, spreadsheets, and telephones.
Keep care local
No more wasted travel reimbursements or time away from work. HealthMe’s transparent pricing reduces the need to shop services across state lines for your employees. The best care is local.

Plug in to the largest and most sophisticated orthopedic practices.


Review our providers

Get in touch with our team to learn more about our provider network to see if we’re a good fit your your direct-contracting needs.


Apply your quality data

We are price transparency experts. Once we set your geographic coverage, we’ll work with you to apply your quality benchmarks to fit your needs. 


Create your Network

We’ll curate a searchable network of providers you select, which bundles to include and will provide you with a management dashboard for all care navigated by your members and your team.

FAQs for Employers

Does HealthMe work with TPAs?

Yes, if you administer for self insured employers we’d love to help you find local, affordable care. HealthMe is an excellent tool for TPAs looking to build efficiencies to care discovery for their clients.

How are employers using HealthMe now?

Employers often search and compare healthcare costs for treatments for their employees. Often these employers will send employees across state lines and even overseas to find affordable solutions. HealthMe offers a convenient solution for employers to find affordable healthcare in their local region.

Can HealthMe build a custom portal for my employees?

Yes, if you are you a large employer looking for a customized solution and employee portal then please contact our team for more information on how we can tailor our package for your business –

How do HealthMe prices compare to insurance prices?

Because providers list cash prices with HealthMe, healthcare prices on our platform are often much lower than insurance prices. HealthMe removes bureaucratic burdens for employers to collect payment and so providers are put in a position to offer discounted rates for their care.

Can HealthMe help municipalities?

Yes, we’ve worked with municipalities to create custom solutions for discovering medical providers who offer solutions for direct-pay patients. If you represent a municipality and are interested in learning more, contact us at

Does HealthMe make shopping for healthcare easy for my employees?

Yes, shopping for healthcare with HealthMe is as easy as shopping for anything else online.

Does HealthMe cost anything for employers to use?

HealthMe is completely free for employers to use. When purchasing a package, there is a HealthMe technology fee in the listed package price, but there are no other fees associated with using HealthMe.

Is HealthMe a healthcare alternative for small businesses?

Many small business owners or self-employed individuals use HealthMe as a healthcare alternative. These businesses may have Health Savings Accounts or High Deductible Health Plans and will use HealthMe to purchase care that may not reach their deductible limits.

Ready to save time and money on healthcare for your employees?